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When you are moving long distance, you want a moving company that you can count on to get the move done quickly and efficiently while keeping your belongings safe.

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At Affordable Seattle Movers, we understand that everyone’s needs are different. That is why we offer a wide variety of moving services, all at fair prices. Whether you are moving to

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One of the hardest parts of moving is packing up all of your belongings. With these tips, packing for moving will go a lot smoother and your belongings will stay safe during the

Moving Check List

Having a moving checklist will help you stay organized during your move and cut back on some of the stress you are probably feeling. Generally, it is best to start getting ready for the move at least 2 months before moving day. However, you might need to adjust this moving checklist to suit your timeframe.

2 Months Before Moving Day

o Create a moving folder where you will keep everything related to moving (inventory lists, estimates, receipts, notes, etc.)
o Sort through your belongings and separate out any items you don’t want anymore
o Donate unwanted items, organize a garage sale, and/or list valuable items for sale on sites like eBay or Craigslist
o Research moving companies and choose one
o Make an inventory of valuable items (take photos and write down serial numbers)
o Note any items which will require special packing, such as large items, fragile items, or large framed items
o Research which moving expenses are covered by work or which ones are tax deductible
o Research childcare options for younger children (daycare)

6 Weeks Before Moving Day

o Return any borrowed items and get back any items you lent out
o Get packing materials or arrange for their delivery if you are buying them (boxes, specialty packing boxes, padding, labels, packing tape, markers, etc.)
o For long-distance moves, plan travel arrangements
o Obtain copies of important documents (birth certificates, medical records, etc.)
o Obtain copies of school records
o Have school records sent to new school
o Start using up items you can’t bring with you, such as cleaning supplies
o Get measurements of your new home and start creating a floor plan for furniture; make sure furniture will fit through doorways of the new home
o Organize and clean your home
o Find new doctors and health care professionals in new town
o Interview daycare centers and schedule a visit with your child; get on waiting list if necessary
o Contact insurance agencies to find out what changes are necessary
o Research what procedures are necessary to change your driver’s license and vehicle registration; make an appointment with the DMV

1 Month Before Moving Day

o Confirm all moving arrangements; finalize dates and times
o Start packing items which you don’t use often, such as holiday decorations and garage items
o Notify people of change of address (friends/family, Postal Service, medical professionals, organizations you belong to, subscriptions, credit card companies, utility companies, etc.)
o If changing banks, set up new bank account, cancel automatic payments, and change automatic payments to new account
o Forward medical records to new health care providers
o Notify utility companies of move and arrange for them to shut off services the day after you move
o Arrange for utilities in your new home to be connected several days before you arrive

2 Weeks Before Moving Day

o Arrange to have moving day off work
o Arrange for someone to look after your children and pets on moving day
o Tune up the car, especially if moving long distance
o Contact moving company and confirm arrangements again
o Clean out safe deposit box
o Continue to clean and organize your home
o Hire a professional cleaning company to clean your new home before you arrive (or plan a day to go over and clean yourself)
o Hire exterminator to spray in new home
o Have area rugs cleaned and packed for moving
o Separate valuable items to transport yourself
o Arrange to have any repairs done in your new place (plumbing, electric, painting, etc.)

1 Week Before Moving Day

o Start packing; aim to have everything packed 2-3 days before moving day
o Pack “survival box” with items you need to get through the first few days of the move
o Refill any prescriptions
o Clean your new home or check that the professional cleaners did their job
o Disassemble any furniture, if necessary
o Get rid of items which cannot be transported, such as flammables like paint and gasoline
o Make sure all payments have cleared in your bank account and close account (if you opened a new account)
o Start using up all food stuffs and perishables

2-3 Days Before Moving Day

o Finish packing, cleaning as you go
o Make sure you have room for all items you plan on moving yourself
o Check to make sure utilities are scheduled for shutdown in your old place and are turned on in new place
o Defrost your freezer
o Confirm all moving arrangements and make sure movers have the correct addresses
o Arrange for payment (credit card, money order, etc.) and get cash to tip the movers
o Plan refreshments and snacks for moving day
o Write out directions to your new home; keep one copy for yourself and have another for the movers

Moving Day – At Old Place

o Verify the moving truck and company is the same company you hired (by checking the USDOT number on the truck)
o Take an inventory of valuable items; sign the release and keep a copy
o Make final walkthrough of old residency, making sure nothing is left behind.
o Turn off all lights and lock doors and windows.
o Do final cleanup

Moving Day - At New Place

o If renting, note any damage and take pictures of condition of home
o Make sure utilities are working
o Clean floors before bringing in boxes
o Assemble major furniture, starting with beds

Moving In – First 2 Weeks

o Check for damage to items while unpacking; make any insurance claims in a timely manner
o Change locks if necessary
o Check that your mail is being forwarded
o Check that utilities in old place have been shut off

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